Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Oak Brook Commercial Real Estate Transaction Attorneys Provide Solutions

Illinois lawyers assist companies with sales, leases and financing

The attorneys at Liss & Lamar, P.C. handle all aspects of commercial real estate transactions. We provide you with effective, skillful service in writing, negotiating and reviewing contracts, leases and sales documents. Our firm has experience assisting businesses with all types of contracts and agreements. We draw upon our knowledge of Illinois real estate law and contract law to find optimal solutions for our clients.

Representing clients in commercial real estate transactions

Our attorneys conduct all commercial real estate business meticulously and with great attention to all the important details. With our extensive preparation and knowledge supporting your commercial real estate transactions, you can be confident that your investment is secure. Some of the real estate transactions our attorneys handle include:

  • Commercial real estate closings
  • Construction and build-outs
  • Shopping center retail leases
  • Financing and mortgages
  • Office leases
  • Sales contracts drafting and review

We assist Illinois businesses, property owners and others at all stages of the purchase, sale or lease process.

Tenant Rights Under Commercial Leases Impacted by Covid-19

Commercial real estate attorneys helping businesses in Illinois

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