Information Technology

We have more than 20 years of experience in negotiating and drafting information technology agreements for clients in health care, financial services, manufacturing, software development, insurance, trade associations and cloud-based services.  Types of agreements include:

  • Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements
  • Software licenses and support agreements
  • Data use agreements including development of large data bases with multiple contributors and users
  • Development agreements for software, websites and APIs (application programming interfaces)
  • Merger and acquisition agreements for software companies
  • Transition services agreements
  • EHR (electronic health records) agreements
  • HIE (health information exchange) agreements
  • Hosting and outsourcing agreements
  • Consulting services agreements
  • Source code escrow agreements
  • Data removal and destruction agreements
  • Joint marketing agreements with restrictive covenants and non-solicitation agreements

Information technology services and data are the lifeblood of many organizations.  Our services often entail advice regarding difficult issues that can threaten the continued existence of the business if not addressed effectively at the beginning of a transaction.

  • Structured payment provisions
  • Ownership of jointly created data and other intellectual property
  • SLAs (service level agreements) and credits for poor performance
  • Mechanisms to reduce risk when dealing with small technology companies
  • Customized warranties and remedies
  • Intellectual property indemnification
  • Advice regarding RFPs (requests for proposals)
  • Due diligence and ongoing reporting
  • Exit strategies in long term contracts including termination for convenience

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